It’s a Plastic World

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We make no secret of the fact that we dislike single-use plastic packaging. We believe that history will perceive 1950-2050 as the ‘plastic age’. For example, around the world 480 billion plastic bottles were sold last year – that’s about 900,000 every minute. Many people think plastic rots away. It doesn’t. It will last for hundreds of years. We’ve all recently woken up to the environmental threats of plastic. It’s undoubtedly a wonderful material, but it’s also virtually indestructible when it’s left to litter our lands and oceans. And so much of it is unnecessary. 

The obvious choice for padding our cakes when we send them in the post would be to place expanded polystyrene chips around the cake tin. Thousands of companies use these chips for protecting products in transit. Most expanded polystyrene is single-use –  recycling it is too costly and the great majority of it goes to landfill. But we decided we would NOT use this plastic. The padding chips we use look like expanded polystyrene but are in fact ‘EcoFlo’ chips made from maize starch. They are 100% biodegradable.  Not only are the chips compostable, they also require less energy in manufacture than expanded polystyrene.

The only plastic we use is a small amount of polythene with which we enclose each cake for freshness and hygiene. But we’re currently exploring a biodegradable substitute. All our other materials:- cardboard gift boxes, tissue wrapping paper, message cards & gift tags and, of course, the lovely cake tins, are all fully recyclable.

We’re only a tiny cog in the gigantic world economy but we believe every company must do its bit to protect the environment and we’ll certainly do what we can to make our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible.



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