The Perfect Surprise

What do you look for in a gift?

  • Something different and special.
  • An element of surprise (nobody expects to receive a cake in the post)
  • Exclusive presentation, not available anywhere else

In other words, a gift that shows thought and isn’t predictable. That’s the challenge. How does our team satisfy this need?

  • Offering 24/7 access to ordering cake online
  • Sending cake as a gift with ‘wow’ factor
  • Including a personalised message on a gift card
  • Ensuring the cake is very high quality and delicious
  • Not using artificial colours or flavours
  • Supplying the cake in its own exclusive bespoke tin
  • Gift-wrapping the cake to make it a proper present
  • Delivering the cake in excellent condition
  • Supplying the gift for no more than the price of a bunch of flowers

We launched ‘The Gift of Cake’ because other cake companies didn’t seem to be fulfilling all these external criteria. And, where possible, we also wanted to meet our own internal requirements:

Above all, we believe in high quality cake as a gift because it’s a fantastic alternative to the more predictable box of chocolates or bunch of flowers. A gift of cake really is the perfect surprise.


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