Vegan cake – the perfect chocolate cake

According to research conducted in 2016 by the Vegan Society, there are approximately 1.6 million vegetarians in Great Britain and of these, about half a million are vegans. We all know that vegetarians don’t eat meat. But do they eat butter and eggs, which are two of the commonest ingredients in cakes? The answer is that it depends on the sort of vegetarian. Most vegetarians eat both eggs and dairy (butter). We’ve never quite understood how vegetarians don’t class eggs as meat products so we did some research. It seems that lacto vegetarians eat dairy but not eggs, ovo vegetarians eat eggs but not dairy and lacto-ovo vegetarians eat both dairy and eggs. And of course pesco-vegetarians eat fish.

Given all these variations it’s much easier to understand veganism because vegans don’t eat any animal-derived products, and therefore don’t eat meat, fish, dairy or eggs. They’re a lot more straightforward. And the appeal of veganism is growing.

We don’t believe in preaching about diet, we just want our customers to enjoy very high quality cake. And that should definitely include vegans. Most of us love chocolate, so we spent several months developing a vegan chocolate cake and we’re proud to say it’s fantastic! It contains no animal derived ingredients – meaning no eggs and no butter – but in a blind tasting we’d challenge anyone to know it was ‘vegan’ because it has the texture and taste of a superb chocolate cake.

It’s a moist, dark chocolate sponge, baked to perfection, filled and topped with a smooth, rich chocolate ganache. Decorated with chopped pistachio kernels. Finished with a sprinkling of dried raspberry. 100% vegan.

So, if you know any vegans and you’d like to give them a delicious surprise, send them our Chocolate & Pistachio vegan cake – it makes a very tasty gift!

NOTE: You may also have Hindu friends. The Hindu religion does not approve of eating eggs . Sending cake to a Hindu which is guaranteed eggless will be much appreciated.



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