Coffee Heaven

Coffee and Walnut Cake. Yes, coffee and walnut are two deliciously compatible flavours. They work together very well because they both have bittersweet characteristics that combine beautifully; being both aromatic and fragrant.

This cake is a ‘classic’ and one of our most popular.

The making of our coffee & walnut cake is both an art and a science. Our bakers follow an expertly honed process consisting of four stages to make what we think is the perfect version of this established favourite:

Stage 1. Our coffee sponge is made with local free-range eggs, English butter, real coffee and a generous dose of walnut pieces. We don’t use pre-mixes. Everything is made from scratch.

Stage 2. Once out of the oven the sponge is carefully drizzled with coffee syrup. To provide the coffee flavour:

  • we don’t use artificial flavourings
  • we don’t use ‘Camp’ coffee ( a coffee substitute containing 26% chicory essence, used by many bakeries for coffee flavour)
  • we just use REAL coffee. Yes, we brew up fresh ground coffee (like making a giant cafetiere of fresh coffee)

Stage 3. the sponge sandwich is filled and topped with a rich coffee buttercream (again, we use real coffee)

Stage 4. and finally decorated with yet more walnut pieces.

Proper hand made cake. No short cuts. No pre-mixes. No artificial flavours or colours. No compromise.

We call the cake ‘celestial coffee & walnut cake’ because for cake-lovers it is coffee heaven!

See it here: Celestial Coffee and Walnut Cake

Coffee and Walnut cake
coffee beans



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