Fruit cakes with exclusive flavours

We’re proud to be able to offer ‘Buckingham’ luxury fruit cakes. They’re made by our sister company (Buckingham Cakes) and as 99% of their production is exported, mostly to the Far East, you won’t easily find them in the UK. They’re very special for four reasons:

  • RECIPE – dating from the 1890’s – very high quality – being over 45% fruit and made with pure butter and no artificial colours or flavours. This is proper old-fashioned fruit cake.
  • HAND MADE – they’re not mass produced like machine-made supermarket fruit cakes. Buckingham cakes are lovingly made by hand by expert bakers in a modern bakery in Somerset.
  • PACKAGING – because they’re made for export, each cake is vacuum-sealed into a special tin. This provides the benefit of not only a very long shelf-life but it also keeps the cake moist, sealing in all the flavour.
  • EXCLUSIVE FLAVOURS – under a number of exclusive licences with drinks companies, the cakes are flavoured with world famous brands of spirits and liqueurs.

When we say ‘flavoured’ we mean liberally soaked! A very generous 5% of the ingredients are booze. Before baking, the fruit is soaked in the spirit/liqueur for 24 hours so that it fully absorbs all the liquid, ensuring the cake is thoroughly steeped in the flavour:

  • Courvoisier® VS Cognac – finest French brandy
  • The Famous Grouse® – the famous Scottish whisky
  • Cointreau® – distinctive orange-based liqueur
  • Jamaican Rum – rum & raisin is always a great combination
  • Amaretto Liqueur – for a delicious almond/marzipan flavour

Because of their very resilient packaging these cakes are the ideal gift for sending overseas. We manage all the gift-wrapping, packing and international postage and we can guarantee they’ll arrive in perfect condition, even if they’re destined for the other side of the world. And for those not wanting alcohol, there is also the Buckingham ‘Classic’ fruit cake which is alcohol-free.

Fruit cakes are the most traditional of all British cakes, dating back to the 17th century so they make a great gift for anyone wanting an authentic taste of British baking.

Buckingham Cointreau® Cake
Fruit cake with Cointreau liqueur

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