Baking our Champagne and Strawberry Cake!

Savouring Springtime

Spring is here! The days are getting longer the trees will have their leaves soon. Our Champagne and Strawberry Cake takes inspiration partly from the yearning of early year appetites for the hastening of spring. And with it, all that the sun brings; Flowers, the juiciest fresh strawberries, and sun basked garden parties ringing with the clinking of celebratory champagne flutes.

It is also inspired by one of the most important dates in the early year calendar, Mother’s Day. And carrying on the longstanding tradition of thanking mums for all their hard work by gifting them flowers. But this time, she can eat them too!


The importance of ingredients

Hence, the birth of our Champagne & Strawberry Cake, a light, zesty, flavoured sponge, that’s drizzled with real champagne, then filled with champagne buttercream and quality strawberry jam. Finally, it’s topped with a champagne buttercream floral wreath.

We only use ingredients of the highest quality, and our Devon bakery always buys locally wherever possible.

We’ve sourced our jam from Boddington’s Berries, a local supplier of fresh strawberries and conserves. The climate along South West coastline is perfect for producing some of the best strawberries in the world!

All of their preserves are produced on site, with no artificial preservatives or added pectin, relying on a high fruit content to naturally set their preserves.

Decorating our floral wreath.

To pair with our strawberries we chose champagne! Each sponge for our Champagne and Strawberry Cake is drizzled with real Champagne, lending a delicate floral flavour to the cake. And the hand piped bouquet is made with a champagne buttercream. Resulting in each flower bursting with flavour as good as it looks. Every colouring agent is derived from natural sources, so no unnecessary e-numbers.

We haven’t took the easier route of trading style for substance with pre-made mixes and tasteless fondants.

This cake requires extra time and attention from our bakers to ensure every bouquet is perfect! But, the result is more than worth it.

This is the perfect way to send someone a bit of sunshine, no matter the time of year.


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