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Birthday Cakes Edinburgh

Birthday Cakes, Edinburgh: A Cake Around Every Corner

When sending birthday cakes- Edinburgh bound or elsewhere- they need to be special.

They need to be decadent, sumptuous and simply divine. And they need lashings of frosting otherwise, honestly, what’s the point!


The Land Of Cakes

Ah, Scotland! The land of lochs, myths, legends and the greatest official national animal in the world. Trust me on that last one- you will not be disappointed!

Often referred to as the Land of Cakes– thanks in no small part to the great Robert Fergusson and the much-beloved Rabbie Burns– these great poets were referencing deliciously traditional bannocks, but over the years the name has stuck.

And whether gloriously chanced upon in any of the wonderful bakeries of the city itself, or whipped up at home with traditional recipes- such as the deliciously classic Edinburgh Gingerbread– Edinburgh cakes most definitely hold their own!

*wee dram to go with it, optional, but highly recommended!*

Alba Gu Bràth

The soul of this incredible country, of course, lies deep in the breath-taking panoramas of The Highlands; but its heart beats firmly in the vibrant capital itself, Edinburgh.

Voted fourth Most Beautiful City In The World 2021 by Rough Guide readers, Edinburgh was beaten only by Rome, Florence and Paris. You couldn’t ask for better company!

Or indeed for more proof- if proof were needed- that Edinburgh, quite simply, is one of the most stunning cities in the world. To live in, to visit or even just to admire from afar.

In the words of Edinburgh author Alexander McCall Smith: “This is a city of shifting light, of changing skies, of sudden vistas. A city so beautiful, it breaks the heart again and again.”

And, yes, this is a little bit of a love letter to Edinburgh. One day, I might even get one back…

In a land of myth and a time of magic…

Whether immersing yourself in the world-famous annual Fringe Festival, visiting one of the superbly sophisticated whisky bars, or soaking up some history in the Old Town; it is said that “Edinburgh isn’t so much a city, more a way of life” (to paraphrase Edinburgh novelist, Ian Rankin).

Consider an enthralling visit to Edinburgh Castle (the gift shop sells whisky-flavour tea- don’t ask us how we know, we just do!). Or enjoy the short walk up from the city to the 823ft-high dormant volcano known as Arthur’s Seat. There, you can marvel at the glorious views and ruminate on whether it really was once the site of ancient Camelot…

And if you get the chance to explore The Royal Mile, with its fabulously eclectic mix of independent shops, incredible restaurants and traditional Scottish pubs, it will doubtlessly leave you spellbound. With or without Merlin’s help!                         

Full Moon, Half Moon, Total Eclipse!

Perhaps the most famous cake Edinburgh has in its repertoire- and which it would be remiss not to mention- is the humble Jaffa Cake.

Invented in 1927 by Edinburgh biscuit greats McVities (then McVitie & Price Ltd, established in 1830 on Rose Street), it has long been a staple in Britain’s Favourite Biscuit lists.

Although the argument over whether it is a biscuit or a cake is long-running (and in certain circles, still rages on…) a court did officially rule in 1991 that they are, in fact, cakes.

However, you can’t put a candle in a Jaffa Cake and have everyone gather round for a chorus of Happy Birthday. And something tells me that any wish you might make while blowing out said candle, mightn’t have much of a chance at fulfilment.

Cake needs oomph for wish-making, and the ability to be shared with your nearest and dearest!

You can’t do that with a jaffa cake.

No offence to jaffa cakes.

To Edinburgh And Beyond!

Special occasions require special cakes. And birthdays require nothing less than birthday cakes Edinburgh would be thoroughly proud of!

Our sumptuous Red Velvet Cake- lovingly handmade in our Devon bakery to a traditional recipe- is perfect for any occasion.

A lusciously light and velvet-smooth red tinted sponge- flavoured with natural vanilla and a hint of cocoa- decadently filled and topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and the finest Belgian white chocolate.

With Next Day delivery available, it has never been easier to have wonderfully delicious cakes straight to your door, or gifted directly to a loved one.

Best served with friends, family and a cup of that whisky-flavoured tea (let’s be honest, there was never a point we weren’t going to buy it!).

Slàinte Mhath!


Edinburgh cake delivery is just a click away!

Celebrate in style! Only three simple steps to order a decadent Red Velvet Cake; perfect for birthdays or any occasion you can think of!


1: First, select your choice from our range of handmade gourmet cakes.

2: Then, show your appreciation and include a thoughtful message

3: Finally, enter the shipping details.


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