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Carbon neutral shipping

We work with DPD, they’re dedicated to carbon neutral shipping.

Transportation currently accounts for around 25% of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions. Home deliveries are booming. Internet shopping is a major factor. We can’t change this. It’s a revolution in shopping and it’s transforming the retail sector across the world. We are very conscious of the CO2 emissions being created by this trend.

Sometimes we all feel powerless to make a difference. But none of us are powerless. We can all make a small difference by thinking about our purchases and being selective – and all those small differences have an incremental impact. Consider buying eco friendly gifts next time you have a present to buy.

We’re a green company.

At The Gift of Cake, we  thought carefully about our choice of courier. The courier we selected for all our next day deliveries in the UK is the DPD Group. A key reason for selecting them is that DPD are dedicated to offering a carbon neutral shipping service. Many companies make this claim but they’re often empty words. In the case of DPD, they’re actually doing it – with some great results. For 2018 DPD achieved:

  • Offsetting 100% of their emissions (equivalent to 997,569 tons of CO2).
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by 15% compared to 5 years ago (2013)

That’s quite an impressive track record. How are they succeeding in their aim to provide carbon neutral shipping?

They’re active in a number of UK carbon-offsetting projects. For example, they are supporting the United Shires Project in the North of England. This project converts the methane from abandoned coal mines into energy. Methane is about 25 times more damaging as a GHG (green house gas) than CO2, so stopping it escaping into the atmosphere and capturing it for conversion to energy is a very important initiative.

Electric vehicles

They’re also moving to electric vehicles. In October 2018 DPD opened their first all-electric micro depot in London. It has been a great success and they are now planning eight more. In early 2019 DPD commissioned 10 fully electric Mercedes vans to serve other London areas. Again this proved very successful. The initiative will now be rolled out across the UK, adding a further 100 electric vehicles in 2019, 200 in 2020 and by 2021 they plan to have 550 electric vehicles in their fleet.

DPD now has the biggest, greenest delivery fleet in the UK and continue to focus their efforts on delivering carbon neutral shipping solutions.

carbon-neutral-shipping eco-friendly-gifts

The Gift of Cake congratulates DPD on their battle to provide carbon neutral shipping and their achievements. We are proud to be working with a supplier who doesn’t just talk-the-talk on their environmental impact, but is actually doing something about it. If you want to learn more about DPD’s environmental credentials click here  If you want to learn more about The Gift of Cake’s environmental credentials click here.

We’re committed to offering high quality, eco friendly gifts in the UK and will do all we have to reduce our impact on the environment.


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