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Chocolate birthday cake? Only the best chocolate goes into ours.

Imagine a world without chocolate birthday cake …

The story of chocolate is an extraordinary one. An enormous amount of work goes into the supply of the chocolate we buy from our suppliers. We remain ever-grateful to the generations of chocolate makers who have made it so easy for us to obtain this wonderful substance. Here, we provide a quick insight into the natural ingredient for our chocolate birthday cakes.

Making chocolate all starts with the seeds of the cacao tree. The seeds are no use raw. Before the seeds can be used to make chocolate, they have to go through an incredibly labor intensive process. They’re fermented, then dried and cleaned, next they are roasted. Then, the shell is removed and the residual ‘nibs’ are ground to a pulp called cocoa mass.

The cocoa mass contains the essential ingredients of chocolate, which are cocoa solids and cocoa butter. With the addition of some sugar, we end up with the basis for one of the world’s favourite flavours. Although the cacoa tree originated in South America, the biggest growers are now in West Africa, particularly Ivory Coast. The USA and Europe are the main importers of chocolate in the world.

The differences between chocolate

Chocolate making is a complicated process with all sorts of permutations available, but understanding the difference between the basic three types of plain, milk and white is fairly simple:

Milk chocolate, as the name suggests, is chocolate made with milk. Belgian milk chocolate has a minimum of 25% cocoa solids.

Plain chocolate is made using a higher percentage of cocoa solids. You’ll often also see it called dark chocolate. Plain chocolate doesn’t contain milk – the fat content is derived from the cocoa butter. It contains a minimum of 35% cocoa solids, but usually well over 50%. Depending on requirement, the percentage can go up to over 90%.
Typically, plain chocolate still contains sugar, although there are supplies available which have no sugar at all and, unsurprisingly, they taste rather bitter.

White chocolate is the opposite to plain chocolate and doesn’t contain cocoa solids. Milk and cocoa butter are combined to make this delicious creamy chocolate. The absence of cocoa solids gives it a pale ivory colour.

Have you tasted our Triple Chocolate Paradise cake? It’s the ultimate chocolate cake!

Our ‘Triple Chocolate Paradise’ cake is made with finest Belgian chocolate and contains all three types, making it incredibly chocolatey and seriously yummy!! You can buy chocolate cake online here.

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Established in 2009, World Chocolate Day now takes place annually on 7th July and celebrates the introduction of delicious chocolate to Europe in 1550.
To celebrate World Chocolate Day in 2021, we’re giving away a bar of Montezumas ‘Smooth Operator’ Milk Chocolate with all cake gifts sent out between Tuesday 6th and Saturday 10th July 2021.

Do you want to arrange a chocolate birthday cake for delivery to someone special?

Then one of our Triple Chocolate Paradise Delicious Chocolate Cakes and a bonus bar of Montezuma’s is the gift for them! The ultimate chocolate cake and the ultimate bar of chocolate to top things off.

Montezumas was established in 2000, in Brighton, UK, where they handmade all chocolate bars themselves, using the best ethical cocoa, sourced from Fair Trade plantations.

Montezumas share the same values as us, where sustainable and organic business growth wins over greed and looking after customers, suppliers, people and the environment is at the forefront of the operation. If you haven’t tried a bar of Montezumas yet, you should. This is the best of British chocolate.
Follow Montezumas on Instagram and on Facebook.

From buttercream to ganache, from drizzle to decoration and from sprinkle to shaving, chocolate serves a multitude of purposes within our bakery and is definitely an ingredient we just can’t live without. Pop over to our Cakespiration blog to read more about the ingredients we use or if you want to treat that chocoholic in your life, head over to our shop and buy chocolate cake online..

Chocolate definitely makes the world go round!


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