Eid al-Fitr is around the corner, we’ve got all you need to make this year one to remember with the best Eid gift ideas

Eid 2022

Ramadan is nearly over, meaning Eid is around the corner. Eid ul-Fitr is the first of two global festivals which mark the end of a month of fasting during sunlight hours. In the run up to Eid ul-Fitr – which is know as “Sweet Eid” – online searches for Eid gifts UK become increasingly popular, in todays world.

For many, this years Eid will be the first one to feel ordinary since the start of the pandemic. Making this years celebrations extra special. For the first time in a few years, people will be able to celebrate, indulge, give gifts, and share their generosity in person again!

Naturally, anyone celebrating this year will want to get it right. And as Eid gift ideas won’t come intuitively to some, we’ll be discussing some Eid gift ideas in this blog post.

The crescent moon is prominent feature and has been this iconography since the ottoman empire. The lunar calendar determines the days of religious holidays. Eid doesn’t start till a crescent moon has been officially sighted. This can be through direct observations, a religious leader, or even some governments.


Eid Gift Ideas

A large amount of us in the UK will be celebrating Eid, or know some who is this year. Ensuring a plethora of Eid gift ideas on the high street and online.

Eid gifts, like any gifts, are best when they are both thoughtful and luxurious. While money is always appreciated, gifting it often belies the gift as a last minute scramble. Even when placed in a nice card. With the cuisine of sweet Eid being dominated with by an abundance of sweet treats and deserts, cake is a fitting choice to end a month of fasting.

But of course, what’s served at Eid will depend on the traditions of the family and friends celebrating. For example, in Central and South Asia, Sheer Khurma is a popular Eid ul-Fitr indulgence. A creamy and sweet vermicelli pudding, with various spices, nuts, and dried fruit. Or perhaps Tufahija are more likely to make an appearance on your dinner table. A sweet desert popular in Bosnia, poached apples covered in sugar, syrup, walnuts and topped with whipped cream.

Eid gifts in the UK,

If you have family and friends who will be celebrating Eid in the UK, a gourmet cake is a undeniably tempting choice. Sent in a gift-wrapped gold tin with a personal message placed in a gold envelope makes The Gift of Cake a luxurious Eid gift idea, whether you’re sending a cake to someone afar or at home.

Or the sweet cinnamon spiced angelic carrot cake, lifted with orange oil from the earthy sweetness of grated carrots. A cream cheese frosting is the only icing fit for this traditional cake.


Send a gift for Eid!

There are three simple steps to order an Eid cake online for delivery:

1: First, select your choice from our range of handmade gourmet cakes.

2: Then, show your appreciation and include a thoughtful message

3: Finally, enter the shipping details.


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