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The History of Father’s Day

Celebrating the joys of parenthood. 

Best Father’s Day gift ideas for that number 1 dad.

Father’s Day is THE to day to celebrate all that our father’s, dads, grandpa’s, uncles, big-brothers and/or step-dads do for us. In our busy modern lives, it is quite easy to eschew celebrating such days as relics of bygone era’s. And Father’s Day gift ideas tend to be markedly dull.

Father’s Day, as we know it is a 20th century invention, created by the grateful daughter of a widower. When we take time to consider fatherhood, it’s trials and tribulations, and particularly in the 21st century. Any occasion to celebrate it should be welcomed.

Firstly, because of how exceptional our parents tend to be. Most father’s in the animal kingdom do little parenting. Notable exceptions being primates, birds, and seahorses. Seahorses being especially proactive fathers, taking on the role of gestation and birth. If you want to watch a male Seahorse birthing over 2000 babies, here you go.

Of course, males of many species do choose to help rear their young, but, at a cost. A tendency to kill pre-existing off-spring of a potential mate in order to disperse their genes as widely as possible omits much of the animal kingdom from this list of wholesome, caring fathers.


The Origin of Father’s Day

Father’s Day is celebrated differently around the world. In catholic countries, Father’s Day is associated with the Feast of St. Joseph and is celebrated on the 19th March. In Britain, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. We in the UK have adopted many habits from our transatlantic friends. And celebrating Father’s Day is one of them. The day grew in popularity in Britain after the Second World War.

Father’s Day as we recognise it, emerged in the United States. It is credited to Sonara Smart Dodd, one of six children raised by a widower. Dodd, in response to Mother’s Day wanted a day to honour her father. And, on the 19th June 1910 she successfully petitioned for Father’s Day to be recognised by her home state of Washington. By 1924, Father’s Day was observed across the United States. And in 1972 the day was secured as a federal holiday by President Nixon.

Take the hassle out of Father’s Day Gifts

According to a florist quoted on, fathers haven’t “the same sentimental appeal that mothers have.” This sentiment is probably why Father’s Day gifts follow a predictable pattern based on maximising utility. Common advice given when asking for Fathers Day gift ideas is that the ideal Father’s Day gifts are practical.

Hence the popularity of socks, tool kits, and ties. Other common Father’s Day gift ideas suggest a novelty item of some sort, think an obscene card or mug. And lastly, a set of vaguely scented toiletries, i.e ‘cool rush’ or ‘dark temptation.’

These are gifts to expected from distant family at Christmas, not on Father’s Day. In the UK, the notion that Father’s Day gifts ideas should be practical, also arises from the constraints imposed upon a post-war society. But, the nature of gift-giving is universal, and common throughout human history.

French Anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss considers gift-giving and exchanges so fundamental to humanity, that they are the fist historical signifiers of human culture and kinship.

And, by extension, celebrating days such as Father’s Day, and giving gifts is a very human way of showing appreciation. So, if you’re looking for unique and thoughtful Father’s Day Gift ideas. Try our special Father’s Day offer.

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