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Unsure what house warming gift to buy for someone who’s recently moved? The perfect housewarming gift ideas with The Gift of Cake.

House warming gifts

If you’re in need of a house warming gift for couples or friends who’ve recently moved, send them a gift cake delivery from the comfort of your own home!

With roughly 4-5% of the UK’s population moving home each year; That’s approximately 100’000 households moving each month – You’re bound to need a house warming gift at some point.

However, while the typical house-mover moves within 10 miles of their previous home, shifting attitudes towards working from home has given people greater freedom to move further than they were able to before the pandemic.

With next-day delivery available on all orders placed before 1pm and delivery nationwide, send a gift cake delivery today.


House Warming Gift Ideas

Giving a gift as a house warming present has a long history and the nature of the gift has often changed to suit the tastes of the time.

The concept of a house warming party dates back to the medieval period – where house warming party attendants would typically bring firewood. Considered a necessity in order to warm a house and banish any potential vagrant spirits.

Pineapples were a popular gift during the 17th century, especially for a housewarming. Their novelty and relative scarcity during the time of early European colonialism resulted in their popularity with the upper and middle-classes of the period as status-symbol.

Traditional house warming gifts were based upon their practicality and the needs of the house movers. In more contemporary times, housewarming gifts tend to be more sentimental and focused more on giving.

With people moving and renting properties in increasing numbers, a typically modern gift for newly moved couples or friend would be a bottle of wine, or flowers. However we think that the typical rota of house warming present ideas needs modernising even more. With gift cake delivery available nationwide we offer one of the tastiest house warming gift ideas on the market.

Home Sweet Home

Moving home can be a stressful time. A survey ranking corresponding stress to certain life events, saw moving house to be at the top of the list of stressful life events. Ranking above getting divorced! And we recognise that with people moving further afield than ever before, be it for work, university, or retirement; That the typical housewarming party is not an option for everyone. Sending a gift cake delivery is an unexpected surprise, and may offer some comfort to loved ones as they relocate.

We have a choice of 8 cakes. Each delivered in an exclusive gift-wrapped cake tin. Each cake is 6-inches and provides 8-10 slices, a perfect house warming gift for couples or friends regardless of where they’ve moved to.

You also have the option to choose from our selection of greetings cards. To send congratulations, celebrate or cheer someone up with your personalised greetings message. We deliver nationwide, with orders placed before 1pm eligible for next day delivery


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