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Made in the the UK


The UK economy needs to grow its manufacturing business. That’s what the economists say, that’s what the government says. Indeed, that’s what common sense says.

All our cakes are made in UK. That’s no surprise. Our beautiful gift cartons and all our printed materials are also still made in Britain. Which may not surprise you either.

However, when it came to sourcing the cake tins we had a difficult decision to make. The tins are not ‘off the shelf’. They are bespoke to The Gift of Cake. They are made to our specification, which includes subtle embossing of our name on the lid. We wanted high quality and we wanted the tins lacquered inside and out (which stops longer term corrosion to give them a longer life).

The cost is considerable. The cheapest option would be make them to a lower specification in China and import them. But we decided to ‘buy British’.

All our tins are made in the UK by a long established family company based in Bermondsey in SE London called P Wilkinson Containers Ltd. This super company have even covered their enormous factory roof with solar panels so that they can be powered by renewable energy.

Hopefully, by buying our packaging in the UK, we are helping UK manufacturing to survive and we only wish more UK companies would take a similar approach.

Of course, we fully accept there will always be the need to import manufactured products, but we also believe that UK business, where it can, has a moral responsibility to do more to back UK jobs and UK manufacturing.

You can read more about our gift wrapped cakes here and see how beautiful our bespoke cake tins are.


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