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Unlocking the Secret to Our Irresistible Red Velvet Cake for Delivery

Looking for a show-stopping dessert that will wow your guests? Look no further than our Red Velvet cake for delivery across the UK! Our bold and beautiful red velvet cake has quickly become one of our most popular offerings, and for good reason. With two velvety red sponges and an irresistible vanilla cream cheese frosting, this delicious recipe is sure to impress.


Red Velvet Cake From The Gift of Cake

At our bakery, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to quality. That’s why we’re lifting the lid on our Red Velvet cake delivery service and showing you how we create this mouthwatering cake. From selecting the finest ingredients to expertly crafting each layer, we put our heart and soul into every cake we make.


So whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving a sweet treat, trust us to deliver the perfect red velvet cake right to your doorstep. With our convenient delivery service, you can enjoy the indulgent taste of this classic dessert without ever leaving your home. Order now and experience the bold and beautiful flavour of our Red Velvet cake for yourself!

Where Did It All Begin?

Red Velvet cakes are a beloved dessert that have earned their place as a staple of bakeries and celebrations alike. This iconic dessert gets its name from its striking appearance, lively flavours, and smooth, creamy texture. But did you know that the concept of ‘velvet’ cakes has been around for centuries?

In fact, cakes with a soft and smooth crumb have been called velvet cakes since at least the 1800s. The term ‘velvet’ is used to describe the delicate texture of the cake, which is achieved through the use of ingredients like buttermilk and vinegar. But it’s the addition of cocoa powder that gives the cake its signature red hue.


Although the exact origins of Red Velvet cake remain somewhat of a mystery, we have the Waldorf-Astoria hotel to thank for its widespread popularity. It was first served at the hotel in 1920s New York. Its striking colour, delicate flavours, and smooth texture quickly won over the hearts and taste buds of people around the world.

Over the years, the popularity of Red Velvet cake has only continued to grow. It’s not hard to see why. With its rich, chocolaty flavour and luscious cream cheese frosting, it’s a dessert that’s hard to resist. And now, with the convenience of Red Velvet delivery services, it’s easier than ever to enjoy this classic cake. Whenever and wherever you like!

How Is A Red Velvet Cake Made?

While modern Red Velvet cakes often rely on food colouring to achieve their signature vibrant hue, the cakes of old used a different method altogether. In fact, the rich red colour of traditional velvet cakes was achieved through a chemical reaction rather than artificial dyes.

The secret to the colour of these cakes lies in the use of natural, or non-‘Dutched’ cocoa powder. This type of cocoa is essentially raw, and it hasn’t undergone the alkalizing process known as the ‘Dutch process’. As a result, it retains its natural acidity, which reacts with other ingredients based on their pH level.


When combined with ingredients like buttermilk and vinegar, the acidic cocoa powder produces a chemical reaction that results in a striking red colour. This technique was initially used to create the iconic hue of Red Velvet cakes, and it’s still favoured by many bakers today.
The presence of buttermilk was key to achieving a tender and velvety crumb.

While food colouring may be the go-to choice for many modern Red Velvet recipes, there’s no denying the unique flavour and charm that comes with using natural cocoa powder. So if you’re looking to try your hand at making a classic Red Velvet cake, consider using non-‘Dutched’ cocoa powder for a truly authentic experience.

Baking The Perfect Red Velvet Cake

Drawing inspiration from the traditional recipe and design, our Divine Red Velvet Cake features sponges made with high-quality cocoa and natural vanilla.

To ensure the vibrant colour of our Red Velvet cake is all-natural, we use natural food colouring in our batter. One of our skilled bakers is shown here carefully measuring out the batter into baking trays before placing them in the oven to bake. Achieving a consistent bake requires precision and care, which is why our team of bakers produces our cakes in small batches. This often means weighing out large quantities of ingredients to ensure the quality and consistency of every cake we make.

As many home bakers can attest, even the slightest mismeasurement of ingredients can greatly affect the outcome of a bake. That’s why, when working with larger quantities, precision becomes even more crucial. Every ingredient must be weighed out precisely to ensure a consistent and delicious final product.

It’s All in The Taste

At our Devon bakery, we take pride in handcrafting every single cake from scratch. Without the use of pre-made mixes, artificial colours or flavours. As an all-natural bakery, we’re committed to using only the highest quality ingredients in our cakes, which we then send across the country for Red Velvet delivery.


Our bakery makes our frosting with real cream cheese, enhanced with the rich flavours of Belgian white chocolate and natural vanilla. While older red velvet cake recipes used an ermine frosting, which is a flour-based buttercream, we opted for cream cheese instead. This not only adds a slight tangy taste but also balances the sweetness of the sponge.

We finish our Divine Red Velvet Cakes off with a layer of soft red velvet crumb. This adds another dimension of contrasting colour and texture to our already delicious cake. This crumb serves not only for decorative purposes but also plays a key role in protecting the frosting during transit. With our careful attention to every detail, your Red Velvet cake for delivery will arrive at your doorstep in the exact same condition as it left our Devon bakery.

Red Velvet Birthday Cake Delivery

Elevate your Red Velvet cake delivery to a proper Red Velvet birthday cake delivery by adding a few extra touches. Gift-wrap your order and include a Happy Birthday card, candles, and a Happy Birthday topper. Make your cake the star of your birthday celebrations. With next-day red velvet birthday cake delivery available on orders placed before 2pm, you can make sure your cake arrives on time for the big day.



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