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Supporting British Farmers

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For this post, let’s talk ingredients.

We are committed to quality. Our approach is very simple. We only use:

British milk, British cream, British butter, British sugar, British flour, British carrots, British free-range eggs and British jam. Is there a theme? Well yes, we’re not being jingoistic about it, we just believe in using locally produced ingredients where we can. If we need to use ingredients from overseas we make sure they’re the best: for example, our cakes only use fine Belgian chocolate and Madagascan vanilla pods (not artificial vanilla flavouring).

We absolutely never use pre-made mixes, preservatives or artificial flavours or colours.

Once we’ve assembled the ingredients, the cakes are made from scratch, by hand, ready to be gift packed and sent to someone special.

Our simple approach may not be the cheapest, but we believe it supports British farmers and provides top quality you can trust 100%.

Best wishes from The Gift of Cake team.


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