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Sustainable Corporate Gifts

Human activity is affecting the global climate. In 2015, the Paris Climate Accords committed countries to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius by the middle of the century. This is not enough. Recently, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has warned of ‘inevitable and irreversible’ shifts in the global climate due to human activity. We must all act to limit the damage our everyday actions cause to the planet. So, what is The Gift of Cake doing to help protect the planet? And why is it important to chooose sustainable corporate gifts?

You can be confident that our sustainable corporate cake gifts won’t contribute to the damage of the planet. Because every process, decision and potential partner faces scrutiny. From selecting bio-degradable void fill, to working with a carbon-neutral courier. Even our cake tins are British made and manufactured by solar power!


Considering all options

Creating sustainable corporate gifts requires careful planning. Because every decision that a business, or a consumer makes affects the planet. We value quality over price and champion local business. Our cake tins are made using solar power in London; Rather than imported from China. Choosing British made products over imports not only supports the economy, but also reduces our carbon footprint.

Our servers are hosted by Krystal UK, who are powered by 100% renewable energy. We have previously highlighted how energy intensive website hosting is. Yet, data centres are part of modern life, and there are thousands of potential hosts to choose from. Choosing to work with Krystal isn’t the cheapest option, but the ethical choice.

Creating sustainable corporate gifts with the power of choice

Choice is essential in combating climate change, the choices we make every day affect the environment. The void-fill used in our packaging is 100% recyclable and another example of how we always opt for British made products when packaging our sustainable corporate gifts.

The British consumer is becoming increasingly aware of the ethics behind the businesses they choose to buy from. And this consciousness is empowering the green revolution. From British high-street shops, to the increasing prevalence of ethical investing. The power we have as consumers in combating climate change needs to be fully realised. When your business buys from us, you can be confident you’re purchasing a sustainable corporate gift for your team or your clients. Our mission statement is included in every parcel we send. Because our green credentials are a priority for us; they are at the core of our business model.


British made, sustainable corporate cake gifts

Naturally, the food we eat is also an important factor. At the start of 2020 a government report highlighted how simple life-style changes could help combat climate change. Including more plant based alternatives in our diet and cutting down on meat & diary is a vital step in reducing our global carbon foot-print. This is why extensive development went into our Award Winning Vegan Chocolate and Pistachio Cake. Because we recognise it isn’t enough to provide a plant based alternative for the sake of it. We’re very proud of our gold award, because sustainable corporate gifts and plant based cakes should never compromise on quality, nor taste, and we’ve certainly proven that it is possible!



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