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Sustainable gifts – Eco Friendly Packaging

Looking for sustainable gifts ideas? This blog post explores how we deliver gifts that help the environment


Sustainable gifts – The importance of packaging

Each year 5 billion tonnes of plastic is used. Roughly half of this is from packaging. Every choice a business or consumer makes leaves a carbon footprint. A ban of more single use plastic is set to be introduced by the Government. Cutting down our plastic waste is vital to protect the environment.

We source our packaging responsibly, and ensure they’re easily recyclable, as this is key to making sustainable gifts. However, to send a luxury cake nation wide; Packaging needs to be of the highest quality, and durable enough to withstand transit.

Creating gifts that help the environment requires working with other businesses who share the same values as us. This blog post details the environmental credentials of our packaging. And the suppliers who help us deliver sustainable gifts.

Cake Tins – Sustainable gifts that last forever

Every one of The Gift of Cake tins are produced in the UK. The manufacturer, P Wilkinson Containers use renewable energy, gathered on site; Via solar panels in Bermondsey, London.

The focus on renewable energy and local sourcing is vital when aiming for gifts that help the environment, as this promotes the implementation of sustainable practices.

Using tin, rather than other material is a key step in how we create sustainable gifts. As tin is endlessly recyclable with no loss of quality. Over 80% of all tin and other metal ever produced are still in use today.

If you’re looking for environmentally friendly gifts in the UK, buy British made products.


Corrugated cardboard – the best cartons for sustainable gifts

This durable material ensures that every cake by post we send, arrives undamaged.

Corrugated cardboard is widely used when sending environmentally friendly gifts UK wide. It’s light in weight – keeping fuel costs down – and sturdy enough to protect our luxury cakes in transit. And, it’s 100% recyclable, renewable and biodegradable.

The supplier of our cartons WH Skinner is another business who is aware of their environmental impact. Solar power provides over 70% of their electricity. Also, their heating is provided by a zero-carbon biomass system, using fuel from sustainable systems.

Our cartons are manufactured with at least 75% reclaimed paper and cardboard. Unlike metal, which is endlessly recyclable, fibres in paper degrade over time. This requires the introduction of ‘virgin’ fibres in the paper making process. Sourcing these fibres responsibly is crucial for sustainable gifts. The virign fibres used in our cartons are gathered from sawmill waste, and forest thinnings; Which promote healthy forest growth.

Biodegradable void fill for environmentally friendly gifts

Biodegradable void fill is placed in the negative space in our parcels. The look and feel is comparable to the expanded polystyrene, a single use plastic. In fact, natural starches are used in the manufacturing process. An annually renewable source, the use of starch ensures that the packaging chips are 100% biodegradable, they are even water soluable.


Reuse and Recycle your gifts that help the environment

The contents of our parcels are easy to recycle. Recycling of the corrugated carton, insert, greeting card, and wrapping paper is common within the UK. You can even add it to your compost heap. Adding paper and cardboard to compost heaps add beneficial brown waste. The carbon-rich woody fibres are benefical in promoting the digestion of waste added to compost heaps. Furthermore, You can also add the void fill to your compost heap, or dissolve it in water.

You can reuse your tin again and again for a number of different purposes. Whether you use it for storage purposes. Tin and other metals are historically one of the greenest materials. Reuse indefinitely with no loss of quality. And the recycling process uses 95% less energy than other commonly recycled materials.

  • 80% off all paper material is collected for recycling and 80% of the tin in use today is recycled.

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Looking for sustainable gift ideas? Three simple steps to order a cake online for delivery:


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