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The Best Carrot Cake Delivered

Carrot cakes utilise an unlikely ingredient, but the result is heavenly.

Carrot Cake Delivered An Unlikely But Tasty Pairing.

If, you’re considering getting our carrot cake delivered, you may be wondering how the seemingly unlikely pairing came about.

There are many myths surrounding the carrot cake. A common misconception is that it was born in British kitchens during WWII, a creative way to make use of a shortage of sugar and surplus of carrots.

For a rather humble vegetable, carrots did play a relatively important role during WWII. Due to rationing and naval blockades they were grown in abundance in the British isles. And, their health benefits we promoted among the population.

The high-levels of vitamin-A found in carrots was reported to greatly aid eye-health. Granting near night-time vision to British pilots. Who were able to conduct successful night-time interceptions against German bombers. But, this was the British propaganda machine covering the development of radar.

While carrots were used in a number of novel ways during WWII. They have been used for their sugar since the middle ages. Their natural sweetness makes them the ideal ingredients for desserts and other sweet treats. Carrot cakes in some form have been a popular cake among royalty and presidents long before the 20th century.


Carrot cake birthday cake

Another misconception surrounding the Carrot Cake, is that the carrots are merely a substitution for sugar. Since the medieval ages chefs and cooks have rendered the carrot for its natural sugars. But, carrot cake is a celebration of the carrot as an ingredient, not a second-rate substitution for sugar. And tellingly, it’s popularity hasn’t waned in times of sugar abundance. Unsurprisingly in carrot cake, the carrot is a vital ingredient, imparting its characteristic sweet and earthy flavours, further amplified by right spices. Our carrot cake has 8; Including ginger, fennel, nutmeg to name a few, all lending the sponge its distinctly homely and comforting flavour.

It’s popularity is evident throughout history. George Washington was served a carrot cake at the Fraunces Tavern in New York. And although reliable sources are rare, we can infer that carrot cake was popular among the aristocracy of 19th century France. Antoine Beauvillier, a pioneering early restaurateur who opened the first grand restaurant in Paris and was at point a former chef to King Louis XVI. Published the two-volume “L’art du Cuisinier” in 1814 which contained a recipe for ‘Gateau de Carottes.’ A decade later, Beauvilliers cookbook was published en anglais in London.

Carrot cake birthday cake is especially popular in Switzerland. ‘Rüeblitorte’ is a slightly denser version of carrot cake, commonly decorated with little marzipan carrots making this carrot cake birthday cake, a favourite among Swiss children.

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For most of us, the climax of any celebration is when finally, the cake is revealed. All eyes fixated from it’s first appearance until a slice finds its way, plated, in the hands of the observer. Cakes ability to encapsulate a celebration is because cake is a celebration in of itself. Created purely to be indulged in, and to command the attention of any potential onlooker.

So if, like the Swiss, there’s no choice but carrot cake as a birthday cake, then order carrot cake delivered straight to your door. Lovingly handmade in our Devonshire bakery, with British carrots, infused with a blend of 8 heavenly spices. Natural orange and vanilla are used in the cream cheese filling and topping, a light but vital dusting of cinnamon sugar to finish. Makes our angelic carrot a delightful gift for any celebration.

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