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Celebrating World Chocolate Day

The Best Chocolate Cake Delivery- Enough To Brighten Any Day

So, you’re searching for the best ever chocolate cake…

You want to be swept off your feet by a luscious sponge, a glorious ganache and as many chocolate-y extras as possible.

Whether it’s sprinkles, curls, shavings or shards- if they’re chocolate, you’ll take it! Oh, and straight to you, as soon as possible, because the best chocolate cake delivery is a door-to-door service!


So Many Cakes, So Little Time…

It’s hard not to get whisked away by all of the many choices on offer. Extra-rich double dark chocolate cake is a great option if you’re planning to have a slice with a similarly rich Italian espresso. A white chocolate cake is sublime as a lighter option in the Summer- topped with fresh raspberries, it’s hard to beat! And a classic milk chocolate sponge with milk chocolate buttercream is wonderful for a catch up with a friend over a cuppa.

Quite simply, chocolate cake is for life, not just for Birthdays!

More specifically, chocolate is for life! We’re talking year-round, sumptuous loveliness to be enjoyed whenever the mood takes you.

Celebrating World Chocolate Day

Hot chocolate, chocolate milkshakes, chocolate ice cream, chocolate crisps (they exist, trust me!), a box of chocolates or a classic bar. Whatever your favourite is, there is something out there to make your heart sing.

So if you’re the type to wander into Hotel Chocolat on any given Wednesday and feel like breaking into ‘Pure Imagination’ from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, then have we got the perfect day for you…World Chocolate Day!

In our world, Chocolate Day is every day, but World Chocolate Day is officially celebrated on the 7th of July each year. It is said to commemorate the anniversary of when chocolate was first introduced to Europe in the late 1500s.

Blissful Chocolate Cake Delivered Straight To You!

As one of the nation’s favourite cakes, the best kind of chocolate cake needs to be both seriously chocolatey and seriously indulgent.

Imagine a soft, velvet-smooth chocolate sponge. Filled and topped with a completely divine frosting- made with dark chocolate and cream cheese. And finished with dark, milk and white chocolate curls. Then imagine how good your second (or perhaps third) slice is going to taste!

Well, there’s no need to just imagine it! Our Triple Chocolate Paradise Cake is everything you could ever want it to be. Stunningly sublime, sumptuously decadent and lavishly indulgent, from the very first to the very last slice.

And, what’s more, the best chocolate cake can be with you almost faster than you can say:

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Because everyone knows you get a little card inside that tells you…!


Send a Triple Chocolate Paradise Cake for World Chocolate Day

Having a gorgeously decadent Chocolate Cake delivered straight to your door has never been so easy!


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2: Then, show your appreciation and include a thoughtful message

3: Finally, enter the shipping details.


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