Vegan Birthday Cake To Buy – Chocolate and Pistachio

Taste of The West Gold Award winning cake.

Gold Award Winning Vegan Cake delivered across the Mainland UK. 

Searching for a vegan birthday cake to buy? Look no further. Our gold award winning Vegan Chocolate and Pistachio cake comes highly recommended. It’s not only the finest vegan cake delivered in the UK, but one of the finest chocolate cakes you’ll try.

Extensive development has ensured that there is no compromise on taste, texture or quality when buying this vegan birthday cake. Our bakery partner, Truly Treats hand-makes every one of our cakes, using only the finest ingredients from start to finish. And our gold award is proof that quality ingredients, and attention to detail, can create a vegan cake that is a celebration of all that is quintessential to a chocolate cake; A dark chocolate sponge, baked to a moist chocolatey perfection, filled and generously topped with a rich velvet-smooth chocolate ganache. You won’t find it necessary to declare this cake vegan, so much as one that luxuriates in a state of chocolate blissfulness.


Plant Based Vegan Birthday Cake to buy – It’s the future

Plant-based alternatives are crucial to reducing global carbon emissions. In the decade between 2005 & 2015 the dairy industry’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by nearly 20%. In 2015 alone, the dairy industry’s global CO2 output was roughly that of aviation and shipping combined!

Being conscious of the affects our dietary choices have on the planet is a vital step in combating climate change. As, adopting a vegan diet is widely recognised as being one of the most effective ways an individual can take to reduce their own environmental impact. Therefore creating and perfecting plant based alternatives is crucial to the survival of our planet. Naturally, we don’t expect everyone to become vegan, but we’re providing choice. And proving that plant-based alternatives can more than hold their own.

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We currently have a choice of 8 cakes to buy, all of them made by hand. Baked with the highest-quality ingredients, and then gift-wrapped with the utmost attention to detail. The reviews of our customers stand testament. Because at The Gift of Cake, we understand that when searching for a gift for that special someone, only perfection will do.

Vegan chocolate cake

Buying a vegan cake is as easy as 1. 2. 3….

There are three simple steps to order a cake online for delivery and to show your appreciation:

1: Select your choice from our range of handmade gourmet cakes.

2: Show your appreciation and include a thoughtful message

3: Enter the shipping details.


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