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The Best Vegan Birthday Cake, Ever!

Indulge in excellence: Treat someone special to our award-winning vegan birthday cake

Are you looking for a GOLD award winning vegan birthday cake to buy for a loved one? We offer a vegan birthday cake delivery service straight to your doorstep!

We make these cakes with high-quality, plant-based ingredients in our Devon bakery, Truly Treats.
With our award-winning vegan chocolate cake, you can surprise your loved one with a delicious dessert that aligns with their dietary preferences and makes their birthday celebration even more special.


Explore the delicious features of our vegan birthday cake

At our core, we value providing our customers with top-notch cakes without any diet preaching. This extends to our vegan clientele who also deserve to enjoy high-quality cakes. After months of development, we are excited present you with a true vegan masterpiece! With no animal-derived ingredients, such as eggs or butter, this cake boasts an exceptional taste and texture. We are confident that anyone would be hard-pressed to tell that it is vegan due to its superb quality.

The cake features a luscious, moist dark chocolate sponge. It is generously filled and topped with a smooth and creamy chocolate ganache. Adorned with chopped pistachio kernels and delicately finished with a sprinkling of dried raspberry. It is a feast for both the eyes and taste buds.

See our recent GOLD award at The Taste Of The West in the vegan category.
This vegan birthday cake not only won a gold medal but also reached the finals in the vegan category, and was finally crowned the champion product in its category.
You can see our other award winning cakes here.


Shifting tides: How the pandemic has led to reduced animal product consumption

Recent research conducted by The Vegan Society has shown that a significant number of people have reduced their consumption of animal products since the onset of the Covid pandemic. In fact, the research indicates that 1 in 4 Brits have actively cut down on their intake of animal-derived foods during this time. Individuals not identifying as vegans actually consumed 92% of the plant-based meals in the UK in 2018, as revealed by the study.

These statistics clearly highlight the growing interest and awareness of plant-based diets. Plus the benefits they offer for both personal health and the environment. With more and more people becoming interested in veganism and exploring plant-based food options, there’s no better time to treat your loved one to a delicious vegan birthday cake delivery. Not only will it be a thoughtful gesture, but it will also give them the chance to indulge in a mouth-watering dessert. Our vegan birthday cakes are not only satisfying and flavourful, but also animal-friendly and sustainable.


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