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Award Winning Vegan Cake For Veganuary

Participate in Veganuary this year, with a champion Vegan Cake

Vegan Cake

With some estimates suggesting that over 2 million people have signed up to Veganuary, record numbers of people are going meat, egg and dairy free this January, just like our award winning vegan cake.

In our previous blog post for Veganuary we explored what the veganuary movement is, and how plant-based diets effect the planet. and human health. In this blog post we look at the impact the veganuary campaign has, and the ethical reasons behind it. We’ll look at how other environmental and ethical factors, such as buying locally compare against a plant-based diet.

There’s a unprecedented boom in vegan products this year with more businesses and supermarkets supporting plant-based alternatives. Going vegan isn’t the restrictive exercise it once was. Our Champion Vegan Chocolate and Pistachio cake is testament to this. It’s not only us who are championing vegan products, Burger King, Greggs, and familiar high street names are launching plant based alternatives. Last year more than 825 new vegan products and menus were launched for Veganuary!

While the majority of new participants cite the environment as their main reason for joining. According to the Veganuary website, animal welfare is still the number one cause motivating people to sign up. With 46% citing animals, 22% concerned with their health, and 21% participating for environmental factors.

buy-local veganuary

Diet and the environment

Food is a massive yet unavoidable driver of emissions, and an important factor in climate change. Meat, especially beef, is by far the worst in terms of emissions.

Buying locally is a good way to help reduce the carbon footprint of the food you buy. However, depending whether the food you buy is plant based, or if it contains meat, has a bigger impact on the emissions of your diet, even when compared to buying locally.

Even when shipped great distances, emissions from all plant based productions are lower than locally sourced meat based products. This can be determined through lifecycle assessments. When assessing all food emissions, transport and packaging combined make up around 11% the emissions. Nearly all these emissions are produced over the last few miles.

Modern shipping is highly efficient. The largest container ships can carry 10,000, 40-ft. shipping containers. This capacity to carry enormous volumes of consumer goods ensures that the relative carbon footprint of even the worst plant-based food, is lower than the most environmentally friendly beef that you may find at a local butchers.

It may be unrealistic to expect everyone to suddenly become vegan and forsake meat and diary entirely. But, by offering high-quality plant-based alternatives, such as our award winning vegan cake, we can minimise the carbon foot-prints of our diets.

You can read about our carbon neutral shipping here.


Animal Welfare

Grass fed and free roaming food is a double edged issue. While animal welfare is improved, it is considerably worse for the environment. As grass-fed beef requires massive amounts of land. Conversely, less animal-friendly farming methods are better for the environment.

When animals are not able to roam and food is brought to them in feed, their environmental impact is greatly reduced. Yet, their relative suffering is greatly increased. A parallel relationship exists between animal welfare and the environmental impact of farming them. Which is a big reason as to why we need to reduce the amount of meat in our diets. Both for the environment, and animal welfare.

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