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Victoria Sponge Delivery, A 100 Year History

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to birthday cakes, but none are as classic as the Victoria sponge.

A humble cake with a royal history.

The Victoria sponge cake has held a preeminent spot in the roster of British cakes ever since its appearance at afternoon tea-time in Victorian England. Over a century later and this cake is still widely enjoyed. Whether that’s a Victoria sponge delivery for a loved-ones birthday cake, or a simple mid-afternoon treat.

Two light and fluffy sponges, filled with strawberry jam and buttercream flavoured with natural vanilla. There’s a reason the sublime Victoria sponge cake has been a firm favourite since the invention of baking powder in 1843. Which made it a lot easier for bakers to create that delicate fluffy sponge that has been the defining feature of this cake ever since.


From nurseries to a royal Victoria sponge delivery four times a week!

We’ve written about how the Queen Victoria came to be attributed to this cake before, with a slight history of afternoon tea.

The light and fluffy sponge that has come to define the Victoria sponge cake, was initially intended to be served in nurseries. Yet, the simple recipe quickly found its way onto the royal menu. The Queen’s favourites were “carefully packed in small tin boxes, and sent to the Court four times a week.” According to a memoir of the Queen’s private life.

Rarely will you find a recipe containing so few ingredients, with a seemingly simple method, so intensely scrutinised. The perfect crumb, consistently and filling are all the subject of endless discourse. From the Women’s Institution to the Good Housekeeping guide, everyone has their ideal of the perfect Victoria sponge. Our artisan bakers take great care when making our Sublime Victoria Sponge.

Victoria sponge delivery

Its apparent simplicity belies the precision and technical knowledge needed to consistently achieve a perfect Victoria sponge cake. Ask one of our artisan bakers and they’ll tell you it’s far harder than it looks.

The batter needs to be light and airy, but not overworked, otherwise it will collapse when cooling. Overbake your sponge and it will be too dry, underbake it and it will sink in the middle. 

To test, insert a clean skewer to see if the sponge is ready, or gently press on it to test its bounce. An attentive cook will be able tell from smell alone. 

We’ve written a blog on a tried and tested Victoria sponge recipe if you fancy a go yourself.


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